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F-15 Strike Eagle


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Fly Microprose's highly succesful, award-winning combat simulation - if you dare.

F-15 Strike Eagle puts you in control of one of the most deadly, advanced fighter planes ever to take to the sky. And challenges you with many of the decision processes and dangers faced by real combat pilots.

Climb into your F-15. Into the hot seat. Your goal is to survive a series of strike missions iver Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Use a breath-taking array of hi-tech flight, weapon and information systems, including computer assisted targetting, Head Up Display and airborne radar. The ability to outfly, outfight and outthink the enemy spells success.

F-15 Strike Eagle. The ultra-realistic simulation of modern electronic warfare.


48K Required

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£5 Facebook August 2019.

Software Houses

Microprose / Kixx


Imre Kovats, Jr.


Laszlo Szenttornyai


Combat Flight Simulator

Original Rating

Crash 84%


A good solid flight simulator as is to be expected from Microprose. Not a patch on their 16- and 32-bit games, of course.

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